The Nashville Food Truck Association is a group of culinary entrepreneurs who have taken up the age old method of street vending to provide high-quality, diverse and exciting cuisines in Nashville and surrounding areas. In a united effort to help deal with the impacts of our industry to the community, we’ve formed this organization to handle any issues in a positive and progressive manner. Our primary goal is to promote and protect our industry as a viable and beneficial business model and to provide a positive addition to the local economy.

Specifically we hope to:
Provide a single point of contact for those who wish to discuss any aspect of our businesses and to work to develop and maintain positive relations with all concerned.

Create a code of behavior for our industry to ensure that we are good neighbors and a benefit to our communities and connect peope to the best bbq in Nashville!

Work cooperatively with municipalities and governmental bureaucracies to review codes, ordinances, procedures and enforcement so that they better address the realities of this new industry and not try to apply out-dated and inapplicable rules to this novel and dynamic business model.

Develop a system of mentoring new operators so they can become positive additions to this new culinary movement.

Create a system of addressing issues that may arise from our presence and develop equitable solutions to resolve any problems. J Baby has been driving his truck for over a decade now and loves connecting with the communities that support him and his dreams.

Provide contact information for members of the community who wish to avail themselves of the services our members.

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